What is in Store For The Future of Airline Cabins?

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Ever since the beginning of the airline industry in the 1960’s, the industry has been somewhat stagnant when it comes to internal aesthetics and entertainment. Even the spacious cabin seats have become cramped today, charter flight company focusing on efficiency over comfort. However, over the recent years, there has been a drastic increase in luxury air charter services and first-class commercials seats, making it certain that people are now ready to focus on the comfort of flying too.

charter flight

With the advancement of technology and rise of competition between charter flight companies, we might soon see some major advancement in the airlines industry. As people are now demanding comfort and luxury added with their flight services, it is only a matter of time till the industry starts to integrate modern tech into flight cabins to heighten the experience in private jets and luxury planes. So what can we look forward to? In this article, we discuss some prospects that are rising in the industry, and can very well be the future of airline cabins.

Personalized Entertainment Solutions

Mobile technology has already reached amazing capacity, and can play a very important role to enhance travel experiences, from booking flights to carrying electronic I.D., and soon, they will become even more integrated into the system. Airlines are now coming up with built-in personalized entertainment systems for their passengers, and mobile devices are the gateway to control them, for example, the Panasonic Waterfront. By using the aircraft’s inbuilt network, devices can be connected to the planes built-in entertainment without needing any internet connection. By connecting to designated profiles and smart seats, the experience can even be enhanced to suit a frequent traveler’s preferences and interests to add even more personalization.

The Evolution of Inflight Magazines

For low-cost airlines that are generally flying short distances, it is not very cost effective to aim for sophisticated, personalized entertainment solutions. However, that does not mean that the passengers cannot be provided any entertainment option at all. With options such as portable wireless systems, it is possible to allow passengers to stream preloaded contents, order food and even book an airport transfer. It is the digitalized version of in-flight magazines and is a great idea to keep passengers engaged for shorter flights.

Virtual Reality

With more than 80% of flight passengers bringing in their own devices, it is only a matter of time before airlines must focus on providing satellite based internet connections. Providing passengers the option to shop from Amazon and watch Netflix can be game changing, but it does not stop there. With the advancement of Virtual Reality technology, airlines are even considering enhancing internet and device based experiences even further. In the near future, we can probably see VR as a premium service, and even be used to reduce the fear of flights, and create augmented experiences for even more luxury.

Inflight Sleeping Rooms

While personalized entertainment has a great market, there is also another end of the spectrum that might soon get some more attention. Of course, we are talking about solutions that will allow passengers to get a comfortable sleep, with personalization options to enhance the comfort far beyond traditional plane seats. We are talking about concepts such as sleeping pods and features such as customizable brightness, temperature, and sound. Though it might sound a bit too much, but who doesn’t want a comfortable sleep in long hours of flight. Though it is challenging, it is not impossible at all.

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