Tips on Taking your MSP Marketing Strategy for Next Level

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Do you have plans to take your MSP business to a higher level?

Here are a few helpful tips:

Improving your marketing methods is a core factor that we must look into. What marketing techniques have you been using in the past years? Critically analyze the techniques and make an honest assessment of their success rates.

Online marketing

Online marketing has evolved. It takes more than paying Google for sponsored web search results. However, this may not be considered as a successful strategy.

Welcome social media! The social media platform plays a huge part when it comes to technology marketing. Social media advertising has numerous benefits such as reaching a wide audience in different geographical locations. It is time to revamp the inactive pages of Facebook and Twitter.

Referral schemes

Did you know that your current clients are a great source of business? Delighted and satisfied clients can be used to spread the services being offered. They can mention discounts and other enticements you may be offering to other interested parties.

Also, when you set meetings with new clients, recommendations from existing clients will greatly help you. It is an easy way of meeting new clients. Closing deals will become more straightforward.

Business networking

What is your opinion on business networking events? Do you consider them distasteful, false or helpful? Business networking may not bear fruits on all occasions, but it is an ideal way of making the business Known. For those who may be against the idea, it is important to attend a networking event once in a while. It may be a good elevator pitch that may create business opportunities.

Traditional advertising

Traditional advertising is one of the ways of promoting businesses. For starters, radio stations, magazines, newspapers, and billboards are ideal. The style of advertising solely lies with the management. It may be a simple ad or an expensive, complicated ad. However, it is important to assess and determine which method will work and vice versa. While at it, work on improving the working techniques in the bid to create more opportunities.

Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing will work for those considering a different marketing approach. How about creating a blog or video post that can go viral? Or trying something inventive that will cause a stir among your target audience? Guerilla marketing requires creative imagination. The good news is that guerilla marketing will not cost you much.

Find and engage new prospects

It is important to be creative and resourceful when it comes to new leads identification. Thanks to the prevalent use of social media, it is easy to track new prospects. After building up the list, reach out to them, let them know what you do and tell them how you will be of help.

Sending them newsletters on a frequent basis is another ideal way of reaching new prospects. The newsletter should contain content related to small and big businesses. Email marketing is another way.


The ideas stated above will give some inspiration and motivation to business owners that had lost hope. The techniques are easy to implement.

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