Real LoT Opportunities for IT Service Providers

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a newly invented model whereby everything has been connected. This allows for a seamless communication across all devices and between things. Just like cloud, IoT has the capability to enable all that project and report within a given IT community be in a position to contribute to the economy and the industry even in the coming years.

The main question that remains is, what are the IoT opportunities available for IT service providers? The immediate opportunities posed by IoT are in vertical markets such as healthcare, retail, agriculture and manufacturing. More solutions are frequently emerging and there are a couple of benefits for consumers and B2B verticals.

However, just as expected, there are a couple of challenges that service providers face as they try to make maximum use of these opportunities. It is therefore key for the solution to providers to not only be in a position to identify and understand all the opportunities available due to IoT, but they should also be able to determine a proper way of monetizing the IoT solution and be able to incorporate it into their business.

The vertical business where IoT has had a major impact is in manufacturing. In fact, services providers find major traction in this field. For instance, monitors and sensors have been deployed to monitor the efficiency and performance of machinery. This is also the case for utilities, gas and oil companies. With the proper technology, solution providers are in a position to address this urgent need for monitoring and support.

IoT also stands to grow explosively in the healthcare sector. The IT solution providers edmonton can offer healthcare-focused services by servicing, monitoring and selling IoT technology that is greatly needed by healthcare providers. Examples of these services include: temperature sensors to prevent refrigerated blood from spoiling and even handheld readers for capturing data that has been programmed into the barcodes that are on the patients’ wristbands.


In addition, clinics and hospitals are now equipping their patients with smartphone apps or devices that are internet connected to enable doctors to monitor the patients remotely. These remote monitoring devices can track glucose levels, blood pressure, weight, heart rate and any other health indicators. All these need to be managed and monitored as part of the general health ecosystem in IT, contributing to better healthcare on overall.

Another major opportunity available for IT service providers is in the data that is collected from the connected devices. The monitors and sensors connected to the IoT enabled devices generate lots of data which the solution providers can analyze and manage for their clients. The provider is in a position to share insight with their clients, contributing to a whole new level of value add in IoT. The main value-add that customers stand to benefit from is from the provision of predictive analytics after continued monitoring of devices and data. The provider will decide where to invest in the skills and latest technology required for the analytics or work with clients that already have that capability.

In fact IoT is just an extension of MSPs, who perform remote monitoring in IT. IoT simply expands the range of environments and devices that are able to be managed remotely.

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