Private Jet Travel is No Longer Just a Fantasy

Private Jet Travel

Whether it is for a special luxury getaway or a for a new transport mode to make your regular business trips, private jets are now a viable option for modern day travelers.
Charter plane service due to the increase of jet ownerships and the initiations of many charter plane service, the private jet industry has gone through some surprising transformations in the past few years.
With an increase in both demand and competition, the whole market of private jet has been reformed to become more affordable and accessible to a wider range of people.

It is no longer a luxury limited only to a limited wealthy few, but can be taken into consideration as a luxury expense for the right occasion.

A comparative research of the top private airline companies and assessing their success factors can help us get a broader picture of the private jet market.

While many offer similar services, offers, and membership terms, there are variations available to meet customized needs and preferences.

No matter what your specifications and requirements are, from buying jets to finding the best charter flights, the market has evolved and matured to provide any form of tailored flight solutions one can ask for.

When it comes to pricing a charter flight, there are a lot of factors to consider.
Starting from the size of the aircraft, time of the journey, and destination location and fee, to fuel cost, availability, pilot fee and more. This might seem a bit intimidating at first, but when you take into account the advantages and comfort it offers, the trade-off can seem quite fair.

For the sake of comparison, let’s consider a group of eight, traveling from San Francisco to Hawaii.

Hiring a premium private jet would cost, approximately, $60,000 for a round trip, an average of $8,000 per head.

Tickets on a first class commercial flight to the same destination could cost roughly $3,250 per person.

For the extra bit that you are paying, you could hop over all the complications and frictions of traveling commercially, from airport waiting rooms, ticketing, baggage checking, security lines and flight delays.

Added with all that is the freedom of custom flight schedules, that can make your business trip or vacation all the more luxurious.

If you are planning to fly off to a remote/ unique location that commercial planes cannot reach, there is no alternative to the comfort and peace of mind a private jet can offer.

Just in the US, there are only 500 airports that be accessed by commercial planes, in contrast to the 5000 accessible to private jets. Similar scenarios can be seen across the world.

Ultimately for your luxury destinations, commercial flights can get you close, but private jets can go closer.

Traditionally, the price of private jets and the limitations of hiring options restricted their access only to the wealthiest. But today, thanks to innovative business models and burst of jet charter services, those days are gone.

If you are looking to tick off a bucket list fancy vacation trip with your family or considering to a luxury business trip, the cost of private jets is well within reach.
Not to mention, along with a whole range of comfort and premium advantages that only a private jet can offer.

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