Computer services companies in Edmonton look to gain from Facebook Bots

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In the recent past, bots have always received negative reactions from the general public and even the most proficient users of social media platforms. The innovative and time saving Twitter Bots had users complaining how unnatural their timelines had become, with automatically generated tweets littering their space. Could it be the fact that people adopted the term ‘bot’, for how the programs did their tasks, that could have led to people disliking them. Computer services Edmonton has, were among the lot that adopted bots to automate sending tweets to their followers, for some it worked as expected, and others had hard times making followers listen to them.

2016 has given us plenty of surprises, and we are far from getting to the last of them, for one, Facebook has released their own bot. With Microsoft’s bot, having faded out after being unpopular with it’s intended target, will the artificial intelligence team at Facebook’s development centers be clever enough to make the difference. The fact that Facebook is adding this feature to their messenger platform, one that is actively used by close to a billion users on a daily basis means they are confident it will not be the trigger to their end.


The previous week saw facebook launching the bot enhanced version of their Messenger app, there are a lot of things that the developers present at the Developer 8 conference had to say. Especially concerning how much businesses stood to benefit. If implemented to that end, bots can help businesses such that computer services Edmonton residents rely on will be attainable right from their Facebook Messenger applications.

Computer services companies in Edmonton will benefit from the preferential advertising platform that will be opened by these bots. Before the final version even came out, news companies like the CNN were already in support and couldn’t wait to implement them to their Facebook campaigns. For them, these bots will be able to provide news articles and breaking news to users based on what they search for, post and have interest in already.

The kind of bots being deployed by Facebook have the ability to narrow down every advertiser’s campaign to the profiles of facebook users that are most likely to buy their propositions. This is a step in the right direction if you are a business looking to spend more on only the right customers and not splash money at the billions of people who use Facebook. If you are the target, it just means your information is being used to bring more ads to your face. Now unless something has changed, people generally don’t go hunting for more ads in their apps, so we are still to see how the general population will respond to Facebook’s bots.

Companies providing computer service in Edmonton will be able to deliver more sales through targeted advertising and the use of chat to communicate with clients. Perhaps this bot will be a wind of change to bot mentality, or it is just too soon to tell.

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