Access Control Applies To Physical Facilities As Well As Data

Access Control

Whenever the subject of access control comes up, it is almost always associated with data access; hardly anyone thinks of physical security. There is a lot of focus on password protection, encryption and firewalls with almost no thought about access control for physical facilities. But in the real world, control of access to resources and facilities are just as important as control over access to data.

The truth is that even if you use the most elaborate firewalls, passwords and encryption systems, without adequate physical security, criminals can just walk right into your facility and physical snatch your computers and all the data in them. This can actually be worse, as it gives the black hats all the time they need to break into your data security to gain access to sensitive data.

The Essentials Of Access Control

There are two basic principles which need to be followed to be able to employ effective access control. The first one is to give access permissions only on need basis, and the second is to anticipate and consider all perceived threats when choosing an appropriate access control system.

With regard to physical access control, you will need sturdy doors and containment walls with robust locking mechanisms. How sturdy these containment and access points need to be depends on the nature of the business. Obviously a bank or a jewelry store will require stronger containment walls, access doors and locks than say a doughnut shop. This article features doors for facilities with high security requirements.

You will also need a good ID and access reader to ensure that only those with the necessary permissions are granted entry to specific / sensitive areas. The most advanced access control systems can be integrated with other systems such as video surveillance, timekeeping and even procedures meant to handle emergency situations onsite.

The most effective physical access control systems are usually those designed by experts in consultation with the business owners. That way the experience of security experts can be utilized to counter threats the business owner feels most concerned about.

When it comes to data access control, the same two principles also apply. This time however, the assistance of data security experts need to be availed of; these are people who are basically IT experts specializing in the protection of valuable or sensitive data. To protect data they may suggest the installation of firewalls, the drafting of data handling procedures, and the use of password or access control ID’s. Data access control work best when they are integrated with physical access control systems.

What Threats Do You Need To Prepare For?

These days threats can come from almost anywhere. You can have disgruntled employees, former employees, business rivals, industrial spies, terrorists, and vandals to worry about. You need to ensure that all equipment supporting your access control systems are covered in cases of failure. You need to anticipate how natural disasters may affect the security of your plant.

With a robust security system in place, you will be able to handle these problems with relative ease. And a good security system always starts with effective access control.

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