What is in Store For The Future of Airline Cabins?  

Ever since the beginning of the airline industry in the 1960’s, the industry has been somewhat stagnant when it comes to internal aesthetics and entertainment. Even the spacious cabin seats have become cramped today, charter flight company focusing on efficiency over comfort. However, over the recent years, there has been a drastic increase in luxury air charter services and first-class commercials seats, making it certain that people are now ready to focus on the comfort of flying too.

charter flight

With the advancement of technology and rise of competition between charter flight companies, we might soon see some major advancement in the airlines industry. As people are now demanding comfort and luxury added with their flight services, it is only a matter of time till the industry starts to integrate modern tech into flight cabins to heighten the experience in private jets and luxury planes. So what can we look forward to? In this article, we discuss some prospects that are rising in the industry, and can very well be the future of airline cabins.

Personalized Entertainment Solutions

Mobile technology has already reached amazing capacity, and can play a very important role to enhance travel experiences, from booking flights to carrying electronic I.D., and soon, they will become even more integrated into the system. Airlines are now coming up with built-in personalized entertainment systems for their passengers, and mobile devices are the gateway to control them, for example, the Panasonic Waterfront. By using the aircraft’s inbuilt network, devices can be connected to the planes built-in entertainment without needing any internet connection. By connecting to designated profiles and smart seats, the experience can even be enhanced to suit a frequent traveler’s preferences and interests to add even more personalization.

The Evolution of Inflight Magazines

For low-cost airlines that are generally flying short distances, it is not very cost effective to aim for sophisticated, personalized entertainment solutions. However, that does not mean that the passengers cannot be provided any entertainment option at all. With options such as portable wireless systems, it is possible to allow passengers to stream preloaded contents, order food and even book an airport transfer. It is the digitalized version of in-flight magazines and is a great idea to keep passengers engaged for shorter flights.

Virtual Reality

With more than 80% of flight passengers bringing in their own devices, it is only a matter of time before airlines must focus on providing satellite based internet connections. Providing passengers the option to shop from Amazon and watch Netflix can be game changing, but it does not stop there. With the advancement of Virtual Reality technology, airlines are even considering enhancing internet and device based experiences even further. In the near future, we can probably see VR as a premium service, and even be used to reduce the fear of flights, and create augmented experiences for even more luxury.

Inflight Sleeping Rooms

While personalized entertainment has a great market, there is also another end of the spectrum that might soon get some more attention. Of course, we are talking about solutions that will allow passengers to get a comfortable sleep, with personalization options to enhance the comfort far beyond traditional plane seats. We are talking about concepts such as sleeping pods and features such as customizable brightness, temperature, and sound. Though it might sound a bit too much, but who doesn’t want a comfortable sleep in long hours of flight. Though it is challenging, it is not impossible at all.

Private Jet Travel is No Longer Just a Fantasy  

Whether it is for a special luxury getaway or a for a new transport mode to make your regular business trips, private jets are now a viable option for modern day travelers.
Charter plane service due to the increase of jet ownerships and the initiations of many charter plane service, the private jet industry has gone through some surprising transformations in the past few years.

With an increase in both demand and competition, the whole market of private jet has been reformed to become more affordable and accessible to a wider range of people.

It is no longer a luxury limited only to a limited wealthy few, but can be taken into consideration as a luxury expense for the right occasion.

A comparative research of the top private airline companies and assessing their success factors can help us get a broader picture of the private jet market.

While many offer similar services, offers, and membership terms, there are variations available to meet customized needs and preferences.

No matter what your specifications and requirements are, from buying jets to finding the best charter flights, the market has evolved and matured to provide any form of tailored flight solutions one can ask for.

When it comes to pricing a charter flight, there are a lot of factors to consider.
Starting from the size of the aircraft, time of the journey, and destination location and fee, to fuel cost, availability, pilot fee and more. This might seem a bit intimidating at first, but when you take into account the advantages and comfort it offers, the trade-off can seem quite fair.

For the sake of comparison, let’s consider a group of eight, traveling from San Francisco to Hawaii.

Hiring a premium private jet would cost, approximately, $60,000 for a round trip, an average of $8,000 per head.

Tickets on a first class commercial flight to the same destination could cost roughly $3,250 per person.

For the extra bit that you are paying, you could hop over all the complications and frictions of traveling commercially, from airport waiting rooms, ticketing, baggage checking, security lines and flight delays.

Added with all that is the freedom of custom flight schedules, that can make your business trip or vacation all the more luxurious.

If you are planning to fly off to a remote/ unique location that commercial planes cannot reach, there is no alternative to the comfort and peace of mind a private jet can offer.

Just in the US, there are only 500 airports that be accessed by commercial planes, in contrast to the 5000 accessible to private jets. Similar scenarios can be seen across the world.

Ultimately for your luxury destinations, commercial flights can get you close, but private jets can go closer.

Traditionally, the price of private jets and the limitations of hiring options restricted their access only to the wealthiest. But today, thanks to innovative business models and burst of jet charter services, those days are gone.

If you are looking to tick off a bucket list fancy vacation trip with your family or considering to a luxury business trip, the cost of private jets is well within reach.
Not to mention, along with a whole range of comfort and premium advantages that only a private jet can offer.

2016 RSA Conference Trends and Predictions  

Recent cyber threats and security breaches have created quite a bit of chaos around the world. This year’s RSA Conference, the world’s largest security event, was hosted with this in mind. From IoT management, to access control systems, to encryptions, there are a lot of topics that have been discussed, and as a modern business, it is upto you to keep you with them.

To know more about the latest trends and news of the RSA event, check out the following article:

Trends and Predictions from the 2016 RSA Conference

The RSA Conference (RSAC) is the world’s largest security event, providing the latest security trends, predictions and threats. Below, we highlight three key topics from the 2016 RSA Conference:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) security
  • Encryption and privacy
  • Lack of cyber security talent

IoT Security Threats

Michael Brown, CEO of Symantec, stated that IoT devices are expected to grow from five billion to 50 billion within the next five years.

As IoT devices, such as beacons, wearable devices, smart lights and locks, continue to expand in the workplace, businesses must prepare for the added risks that come along with them.

Having multiple devices connected not only to each other, but the company network, increases the risk of hacker’s gaining access to systems and data, if left unsecured.

For example, nearly 70% of people that own wearable devices do not protect them with passwords or passcodes. If employees bring these devices into your workplace unsecured, you run the risk of critical information being compromised. Businesses need to enforce strong IoT security measures, such as:

  • Professional installation. Work with a vendor that has the necessary expertise, insurance and certifications to properly coordinate with IT teams and ensure accurate equipment configuration.
  • Vendors that have security in mind. Unfortunately, not all IoT vendors have security in mind. Before purchasing, evaluate products and services to determine if they can encrypt network communications, enable password/passcode protection, and regularly support updates.
  • Network firewalls. Installation of network firewalls and antivirus software can add an extra layer of protection, preventing hackers from gaining access to critical systems and devices. Remember, when installing these systems, update regularly to avoid weak networks and outdated protection.

The Need for Encryption and Privacy

As technology continues to evolve, so will the security measures needed to protect new devices, equipment and systems. The CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Trevor Hughes stated, “Technology will continue to change our definition of privacy and our expectations of privacy.”

For example, Apple recently refused to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone to release information to the FBI. Situations like this question the future of technology and individual’s security rights.


Michael Chertoff, co-founder and executive chairman of The Chertoff Group, stated, “Encryption is going to be a key element in a strategy to secure all of this going forward.”

Although encryption is not a new form of security, it is a growing necessity to secure sensitive information and ensure privacy in today’s tech-driven world.

Lack of Talent in Cyber Security

The Internet provides your business with convenience and easy access to information, but increases risk when networks, devices and systems are not properly protected.

To avoid threats, quality cyber security talent must be present. According to a report conducted by ISACA and the RSA Conference, 59% of respondents cited that half of cyber security and information specialists hired lacked the proper qualifications.


A company’s TraceTM is a complete list of merchandise or stock or raw materials. Managing the inventory and controlling it involves balancing all its needs and requirements for cost minimization. Inventories are kept ensure that the company’s operations are running. It also helps in meeting the demands of the company. Many companies face a problem of controlling their inventory.Inventory problems can be controlled through cycle counting. In this, a company shuts down or closes for some time to do physical counting of everything.


Inventory diseases

The following are inventory diseases and how they can be cured:

Cash flow hiccups

This is a situation where your inventory runs low. Your payments keeps on accumulating debts and at this, you cannot reward yourself for hardwork.On the other side, you cannot afford to invest hence a problem in upholding your stock which can in turn lead to lost sales opportunities.


  • In curing this inventory disease, account for every money spent.
  • Carry an assessment that is thorough for your business financials
  • Make a list of your monthly operating costs.
  • Elimination of unnecessary expenses.

Supplier’s pain

Negotiation for better terms when buying from a single supplier becomes really hard, since your business relies on a sole trader daily. In a situation of multiple suppliers, trouble emerges in managing payments while losing the benefits.


Renegotiation with your supplier over your contract to achieve better terms. If that is not possible, stick to 1 or 2 main suppliers while you look out for promotions and deals which are special.

The impulse buy syndrome

This is a situation where sales representatives’ pitches on your new brands. This profit may feel right for you since it will result into your profit margin expansion and also selling at a discount to your customers.


The impulse buy syndrome is cured through, placing an order and examining whether the product is seasonal.

On wholesale purchase, always consider the price you are paying.

The best seller’s amnesia

It becomes difficult when you con not recognize the product that brings more cash. The sales figures will help you to identify the product you need to stop selling.


You need a reliable inventory management system. Inventory software will give you an instant current stock check. Also, you need to create promotional offers.

Discount plague

This is an inventory disease where you buy big amounts of products like big box retailers and chain stores.


To cure this disease, you need to boost your competitiveness through provision of steerer customer care. Always keep up with the latest trends as pertaining to your company.

The tendency of large companies worrying on clearly defined territories, procedures and systems for equality is a greater thing. The following are poisons of large companies:

Losing touch with your customers: A company tends to scale up because its customers like it or possibly like their products. As many companies grow, they lose interest on the existing customers and are swamped by their demands. To eliminate this, you need to set systems for growth sustention of customers.

  • Lack of engagement to people and careless spending of money.
  • Getting bogged to technical legacy.
  • Environmental burden.

In conclusion, identification of harmful behaviors and correcting them is key for your company success.

Real LoT Opportunities for IT Service Providers  

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a newly invented model whereby everything has been connected. This allows for a seamless communication across all devices and between things. Just like cloud, IoT has the capability to enable all that project and report within a given IT community be in a position to contribute to the economy and the industry even in the coming years.

The main question that remains is, what are the IoT opportunities available for IT service providers? The immediate opportunities posed by IoT are in vertical markets such as healthcare, retail, agriculture and manufacturing. More solutions are frequently emerging and there are a couple of benefits for consumers and B2B verticals.

However, just as expected, there are a couple of challenges that service providers face as they try to make maximum use of these opportunities. It is therefore key for the solution to providers to not only be in a position to identify and understand all the opportunities available due to IoT, but they should also be able to determine a proper way of monetizing the IoT solution and be able to incorporate it into their business.

The vertical business where IoT has had a major impact is in manufacturing. In fact, services providers find major traction in this field. For instance, monitors and sensors have been deployed to monitor the efficiency and performance of machinery. This is also the case for utilities, gas and oil companies. With the proper technology, solution providers are in a position to address this urgent need for monitoring and support.

IoT also stands to grow explosively in the healthcare sector. The IT solution providers edmonton can offer healthcare-focused services by servicing, monitoring and selling IoT technology that is greatly needed by healthcare providers. Examples of these services include: temperature sensors to prevent refrigerated blood from spoiling and even handheld readers for capturing data that has been programmed into the barcodes that are on the patients’ wristbands.

IT solution

In addition, clinics and hospitals are now equipping their patients with smartphone apps or devices that are internet connected to enable doctors to monitor the patients remotely. These remote monitoring devices can track glucose levels, blood pressure, weight, heart rate and any other health indicators. All these need to be managed and monitored as part of the general health ecosystem in IT, contributing to better healthcare on overall.

Another major opportunity available for IT service providers is in the data that is collected from the connected devices. The monitors and sensors connected to the IoT enabled devices generate lots of data which the solution providers can analyze and manage for their clients. The provider is in a position to share insight with their clients, contributing to a whole new level of value add in IoT. The main value-add that customers stand to benefit from is from the provision of predictive analytics after continued monitoring of devices and data. The provider will decide where to invest in the skills and latest technology required for the analytics or work with clients that already have that capability.

In fact IoT is just an extension of MSPs, who perform remote monitoring in IT. IoT simply expands the range of environments and devices that are able to be managed remotely.

Tips on Taking your MSP Marketing Strategy for Next Level  

Do you have plans to take your MSP business to a higher level?

Here are a few helpful tips:

Improving your marketing methods is a core factor that we must look into. What marketing techniques have you been using in the past years? Critically analyze the techniques and make an honest assessment of their success rates.

Online marketing

Online marketing has evolved. It takes more than paying Google for sponsored web search results. However, this may not be considered as a successful strategy.

Welcome social media! The social media platform plays a huge part when it comes to technology marketing. Social media advertising has numerous benefits such as reaching a wide audience in different geographical locations. It is time to revamp the inactive pages of Facebook and Twitter.


Referral schemes

Did you know that your current clients are a great source of business? Delighted and satisfied clients can be used to spread the services being offered. They can mention discounts and other enticements you may be offering to other interested parties.

Also, when you set meetings with new clients, recommendations from existing clients will greatly help you. It is an easy way of meeting new clients. Closing deals will become more straightforward.

Business networking

What is your opinion on business networking events? Do you consider them distasteful, false or helpful? Business networking may not bear fruits on all occasions, but it is an ideal way of making the business Known. For those who may be against the idea, it is important to attend a networking event once in a while. It may be a good elevator pitch that may create business opportunities.

Traditional advertising

Traditional advertising is one of the ways of promoting businesses. For starters, radio stations, magazines, newspapers, and billboards are ideal. The style of advertising solely lies with the management. It may be a simple ad or an expensive, complicated ad. However, it is important to assess and determine which method will work and vice versa. While at it, work on improving the working techniques in the bid to create more opportunities.

Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing will work for those considering a different marketing approach. How about creating a blog or video post that can go viral? Or trying something inventive that will cause a stir among your target audience? Guerilla marketing requires creative imagination. The good news is that guerilla marketing will not cost you much.

Find and engage new prospects

It is important to be creative and resourceful when it comes to new leads identification. Thanks to the prevalent use of social media, it is easy to track new prospects. After building up the list, reach out to them, let them know what you do and tell them how you will be of help.

Sending them newsletters on a frequent basis is another ideal way of reaching new prospects. The newsletter should contain content related to small and big businesses. Email marketing is another way.


The ideas stated above will give some inspiration and motivation to business owners that had lost hope. The techniques are easy to implement.

Top 5 Most Popular Companies That Offer Managed Services in Baltimore  

Mtextbox is one of the top Companies that offer IT managed services in Baltimore, Maryland. Their focus is to provide what they call ‘Set-it-and-forget-it’ IT support and consulting that helps their customers to develop their organizations and prioritize what they are best at doing. Their services are assisted by comprehensive and thorough trainings, extensive resources and a large group of industrial partnerships that helps them to provide the satisfaction that their Baltimore clients want and need. They aim to provide fast, précised, reliable, secured and flexible services just like how the clients want the service would be. Their claim is by appointing their well-trained, excellent and tested IT services consultant it will help their customers to save time, money and energy and also to have more control over their priorities.

manage service

Baltimore Consulting is a professional IT service company that offers economic IT support services to developing organizations in the country. With their distinctive system and their fast and reliable team they will be able to keep your networks up and operational and your organization productive. They assure their customers that they will provide and monitor the services 24/7/365 regardless of the holiday schedules and business hours, and they will also have an access to their internal technicians and local help desks.

Manage service provider (MSP) is what Baltimore Computer Solutions offers. It is a high-class collection of services to guarantee their customers a fine and smooth computer network. Baltimore Computer Solutions provide their clients, their workstations and servers the benefit to receive real time details and statistics so that their customers will be updated to what is happening and for them to be able to track the status and development of their networks.

Corsica Technologies claim is to run the IT that develops their customers’ organization so they can just sit back, relax and just focus on their priorities instead of investing time in managing their IT network. By that, they will be able to save time and be productive on their business-related works and they can be secure that their network is being supervised by their IT support. Their claim as their difference to the others is they listen and invest time to make sure that they understand what their customers’ businesses need. They also assure their customers that they will maintain an open communication for better understanding and to keep track to the updates and status.

Like most of the managed services companies, CWPS aim to provide their service that will help their customers business flourish and will also help them to save time, money and energy because they don’t have to spend time fixing their networks and investing money for tools, software and equipment. CWPS has an extensive system and strategies to meet all their clients’ needs when it comes to Information technology, communications and network. Their claim is to provide tools, expertise and to be available all the time that their customers need help.

Computer services companies in Edmonton look to gain from Facebook Bots  

In the recent past, bots have always received negative reactions from the general public and even the most proficient users of social media platforms. The innovative and time saving Twitter Bots had users complaining how unnatural their timelines had become, with automatically generated tweets littering their space. Could it be the fact that people adopted the term ‘bot’, for how the programs did their tasks, that could have led to people disliking them. Computer services Edmonton has, were among the lot that adopted bots to automate sending tweets to their followers, for some it worked as expected, and others had hard times making followers listen to them.

2016 has given us plenty of surprises, and we are far from getting to the last of them, for one, Facebook has released their own bot. With Microsoft’s bot, having faded out after being unpopular with it’s intended target, will the artificial intelligence team at Facebook’s development centers be clever enough to make the difference. The fact that Facebook is adding this feature to their messenger platform, one that is actively used by close to a billion users on a daily basis means they are confident it will not be the trigger to their end.


The previous week saw facebook launching the bot enhanced version of their Messenger app, there are a lot of things that the developers present at the Developer 8 conference had to say. Especially concerning how much businesses stood to benefit. If implemented to that end, bots can help businesses such that computer services Edmonton residents rely on will be attainable right from their Facebook Messenger applications.

Computer services companies in Edmonton will benefit from the preferential advertising platform that will be opened by these bots. Before the final version even came out, news companies like the CNN were already in support and couldn’t wait to implement them to their Facebook campaigns. For them, these bots will be able to provide news articles and breaking news to users based on what they search for, post and have interest in already.

The kind of bots being deployed by Facebook have the ability to narrow down every advertiser’s campaign to the profiles of facebook users that are most likely to buy their propositions. This is a step in the right direction if you are a business looking to spend more on only the right customers and not splash money at the billions of people who use Facebook. If you are the target, it just means your information is being used to bring more ads to your face. Now unless something has changed, people generally don’t go hunting for more ads in their apps, so we are still to see how the general population will respond to Facebook’s bots.

Companies providing computer service in Edmonton will be able to deliver more sales through targeted advertising and the use of chat to communicate with clients. Perhaps this bot will be a wind of change to bot mentality, or it is just too soon to tell.

Access Control Applies To Physical Facilities As Well As Data  

access control

Whenever the subject of access control comes up, it is almost always associated with data access; hardly anyone thinks of physical security. There is a lot of focus on password protection, encryption and firewalls with almost no thought about access control for physical facilities. But in the real world, control of access to resources and facilities are just as important as control over access to data.

The truth is that even if you use the most elaborate firewalls, passwords and encryption systems, without adequate physical security, criminals can just walk right into your facility and physical snatch your computers and all the data in them. This can actually be worse, as it gives the black hats all the time they need to break into your data security to gain access to sensitive data.

The Essentials Of Access Control

There are two basic principles which need to be followed to be able to employ effective access control. The first one is to give access permissions only on need basis, and the second is to anticipate and consider all perceived threats when choosing an appropriate access control system.

With regard to physical access control, you will need sturdy doors and containment walls with robust locking mechanisms. How sturdy these containment and access points need to be depends on the nature of the business. Obviously a bank or a jewelry store will require stronger containment walls, access doors and locks than say a doughnut shop. This article features doors for facilities with high security requirements.

You will also need a good ID and access reader to ensure that only those with the necessary permissions are granted entry to specific / sensitive areas. The most advanced access control systems can be integrated with other systems such as video surveillance, timekeeping and even procedures meant to handle emergency situations onsite.

The most effective physical access control systems are usually those designed by experts in consultation with the business owners. That way the experience of security experts can be utilized to counter threats the business owner feels most concerned about.

When it comes to data access control, the same two principles also apply. This time however, the assistance of data security experts need to be availed of; these are people who are basically IT experts specializing in the protection of valuable or sensitive data. To protect data they may suggest the installation of firewalls, the drafting of data handling procedures, and the use of password or access control ID’s. Data access control work best when they are integrated with physical access control systems.

What Threats Do You Need To Prepare For?

These days threats can come from almost anywhere. You can have disgruntled employees, former employees, business rivals, industrial spies, terrorists, and vandals to worry about. You need to ensure that all equipment supporting your access control systems are covered in cases of failure. You need to anticipate how natural disasters may affect the security of your plant.

With a robust security system in place, you will be able to handle these problems with relative ease. And a good security system always starts with effective access control.

Conference Room Technology – Enabling Better Decision Making  

conference room technology

If you set about defining what business is, it is essentially investing money in order to make more of the same. The business activities may differ greatly but all business enterprises are concerned about the bottom line; even those who claim to put the client above everything else.

Because many critical business decisions and business strategies are formed during meetings, many entrepreneurs invest in the latest conference room technology. Perhaps these businessmen have correctly realized that investing in equipment to make it easy to formulate policies and strategies pays off in the end. Thus, while the decision may be swayed a bit by a desire for comfort & convenience, entrepreneurs benefitted from improving conference room technology.

Soon board rooms and conference rooms where major business decisions are made came to be full of equipment which facilitates communication and sharing of ideas. The intent was to equip the conference rooms with equipment meant to provide as much information as possible and for sharing those pieces of information with all the people in the room.

In the beginning there were desktops, laptops, projector screens and whiteboards. But now meeting room tools have gone very high tech, and entrepreneurs claim it has helped them make better business decisions. This online article expounds on ways technology improves conference room efficiency.

Improvements In Conference Rooms

It is not just improved technology inside conference rooms which help business wizards formulate killer strategies and brilliant policies; they also invest in creature comforts. Soft and plush leather chairs once reserved for corner offices now grace many conference and board rooms. Many companies even ask professional interior designers to ensure meeting and conference rooms are as comfortable as possible.

Gone are most of the projectors and white boards which were common in the beginning. In their place have come interactive touch screen monitors which are packed with features. Some of these screens can be used much like a white board, but with the added advantage of being capable of saving and printing the scribbled notes. Because they are computer monitors, available data can be accessed and displayed with a few deft touches and gestures.

Touch screens have also taken over the job of passive screens used for video conference calls. In larger interactive monitors the screen can be divided to show the video conference as well as any data the participants want to share and discuss.

When large touch screens are incorporated into conference room tables they make collaboration and brainstorming much easier. Each participant huddled around the screen can immediately put forth their inputs and the rest of the group can provide their reactions.

To a lesser extent many conference rooms are still equipped with multi-media cabinets. Some clients may have that odd DVD or two, and some of the company’s data may still reside on disks. The cabinet will have a few laser pointers, a DVD player, and a couple of microphones, and maybe even a slide projector.

The point is that no expense is spared to ensure key personnel have all they need to make informed decisions.