Computer services companies in Edmonton look to gain from Facebook Bots  

In the recent past, bots have always received negative reactions from the general public and even the most proficient users of social media platforms. The innovative and time saving Twitter Bots had users complaining how unnatural their timelines had become, with automatically generated tweets littering their space. Could it be the fact that people adopted the term ‘bot’, for how the programs did their tasks, that could have led to people disliking them. Computer services Edmonton has, were among the lot that adopted bots to automate sending tweets to their followers, for some it worked as expected, and others had hard times making followers listen to them.

2016 has given us plenty of surprises, and we are far from getting to the last of them, for one, Facebook has released their own bot. With Microsoft’s bot, having faded out after being unpopular with it’s intended target, will the artificial intelligence team at Facebook’s development centers be clever enough to make the difference. The fact that Facebook is adding this feature to their messenger platform, one that is actively used by close to a billion users on a daily basis means they are confident it will not be the trigger to their end.


The previous week saw facebook launching the bot enhanced version of their Messenger app, there are a lot of things that the developers present at the Developer 8 conference had to say. Especially concerning how much businesses stood to benefit. If implemented to that end, bots can help businesses such that computer services Edmonton residents rely on will be attainable right from their Facebook Messenger applications.

Computer services companies in Edmonton will benefit from the preferential advertising platform that will be opened by these bots. Before the final version even came out, news companies like the CNN were already in support and couldn’t wait to implement them to their Facebook campaigns. For them, these bots will be able to provide news articles and breaking news to users based on what they search for, post and have interest in already.

The kind of bots being deployed by Facebook have the ability to narrow down every advertiser’s campaign to the profiles of facebook users that are most likely to buy their propositions. This is a step in the right direction if you are a business looking to spend more on only the right customers and not splash money at the billions of people who use Facebook. If you are the target, it just means your information is being used to bring more ads to your face. Now unless something has changed, people generally don’t go hunting for more ads in their apps, so we are still to see how the general population will respond to Facebook’s bots.

Companies providing computer service in Edmonton will be able to deliver more sales through targeted advertising and the use of chat to communicate with clients. Perhaps this bot will be a wind of change to bot mentality, or it is just too soon to tell.

Access Control Applies To Physical Facilities As Well As Data  

access control

Whenever the subject of access control comes up, it is almost always associated with data access; hardly anyone thinks of physical security. There is a lot of focus on password protection, encryption and firewalls with almost no thought about access control for physical facilities. But in the real world, control of access to resources and facilities are just as important as control over access to data.

The truth is that even if you use the most elaborate firewalls, passwords and encryption systems, without adequate physical security, criminals can just walk right into your facility and physical snatch your computers and all the data in them. This can actually be worse, as it gives the black hats all the time they need to break into your data security to gain access to sensitive data.

The Essentials Of Access Control

There are two basic principles which need to be followed to be able to employ effective access control. The first one is to give access permissions only on need basis, and the second is to anticipate and consider all perceived threats when choosing an appropriate access control system.

With regard to physical access control, you will need sturdy doors and containment walls with robust locking mechanisms. How sturdy these containment and access points need to be depends on the nature of the business. Obviously a bank or a jewelry store will require stronger containment walls, access doors and locks than say a doughnut shop. This article features doors for facilities with high security requirements.

You will also need a good ID and access reader to ensure that only those with the necessary permissions are granted entry to specific / sensitive areas. The most advanced access control systems can be integrated with other systems such as video surveillance, timekeeping and even procedures meant to handle emergency situations onsite.

The most effective physical access control systems are usually those designed by experts in consultation with the business owners. That way the experience of security experts can be utilized to counter threats the business owner feels most concerned about.

When it comes to data access control, the same two principles also apply. This time however, the assistance of data security experts need to be availed of; these are people who are basically IT experts specializing in the protection of valuable or sensitive data. To protect data they may suggest the installation of firewalls, the drafting of data handling procedures, and the use of password or access control ID’s. Data access control work best when they are integrated with physical access control systems.

What Threats Do You Need To Prepare For?

These days threats can come from almost anywhere. You can have disgruntled employees, former employees, business rivals, industrial spies, terrorists, and vandals to worry about. You need to ensure that all equipment supporting your access control systems are covered in cases of failure. You need to anticipate how natural disasters may affect the security of your plant.

With a robust security system in place, you will be able to handle these problems with relative ease. And a good security system always starts with effective access control.

Conference Room Technology – Enabling Better Decision Making  

conference room technology

If you set about defining what business is, it is essentially investing money in order to make more of the same. The business activities may differ greatly but all business enterprises are concerned about the bottom line; even those who claim to put the client above everything else.

Because many critical business decisions and business strategies are formed during meetings, many entrepreneurs invest in the latest conference room technology. Perhaps these businessmen have correctly realized that investing in equipment to make it easy to formulate policies and strategies pays off in the end. Thus, while the decision may be swayed a bit by a desire for comfort & convenience, entrepreneurs benefitted from improving conference room technology.

Soon board rooms and conference rooms where major business decisions are made came to be full of equipment which facilitates communication and sharing of ideas. The intent was to equip the conference rooms with equipment meant to provide as much information as possible and for sharing those pieces of information with all the people in the room.

In the beginning there were desktops, laptops, projector screens and whiteboards. But now meeting room tools have gone very high tech, and entrepreneurs claim it has helped them make better business decisions. This online article expounds on ways technology improves conference room efficiency.

Improvements In Conference Rooms

It is not just improved technology inside conference rooms which help business wizards formulate killer strategies and brilliant policies; they also invest in creature comforts. Soft and plush leather chairs once reserved for corner offices now grace many conference and board rooms. Many companies even ask professional interior designers to ensure meeting and conference rooms are as comfortable as possible.

Gone are most of the projectors and white boards which were common in the beginning. In their place have come interactive touch screen monitors which are packed with features. Some of these screens can be used much like a white board, but with the added advantage of being capable of saving and printing the scribbled notes. Because they are computer monitors, available data can be accessed and displayed with a few deft touches and gestures.

Touch screens have also taken over the job of passive screens used for video conference calls. In larger interactive monitors the screen can be divided to show the video conference as well as any data the participants want to share and discuss.

When large touch screens are incorporated into conference room tables they make collaboration and brainstorming much easier. Each participant huddled around the screen can immediately put forth their inputs and the rest of the group can provide their reactions.

To a lesser extent many conference rooms are still equipped with multi-media cabinets. Some clients may have that odd DVD or two, and some of the company’s data may still reside on disks. The cabinet will have a few laser pointers, a DVD player, and a couple of microphones, and maybe even a slide projector.

The point is that no expense is spared to ensure key personnel have all they need to make informed decisions.  

Telemarketing Software Is Essential To Successful Campaigns  

 telemarketing software available

Sales campaigns are serious business.  A lot of planning and preparation goes through each campaign long before they actually start.  And the goals or sales targets are always not that easy to reach – there is no sense in launching a campaign to reach goals which are only an arm’s length away.  However, it must be stressed that the defined goals need to be achievable.

Many sales campaigns involve telemarketing.  That in itself presents a host of problems not least of which are laws passed by some countries which limit the extent of advertisements and unwanted phone solicitations.  That is why, when working within the narrow confines of what is legal, the telemarketers need to be as effective as possible.  They need to be provided the training, equipment and software they need to be successful salesmen.  That is what they are, even if they sell through the phone.

While telemarketers are carefully selected and trained to sell, there is a need to support them with the best telemarketing software available ( check telemarketing software reviews ).  Since it is hard to find people with the selling skills required of a telemarketer, the needs of these people need to be taken of so they can concentrate in doing what they do best – selling!

Software designed for telemarketing spoon feeds the calls to the telemarketers.  The software dials a lot of calls automatically, looking for suitable clients to pass on to the telemarketers.  If they encounter a fax tone, they hang up.  If the phone at the other end is allowed to ring continuously they break the connection.  Only when a human voice answers at the other end of the line will they pass on a call to the telemarketer.  The telemarketer’s time is too valuable to spend on manual dialing and sifting through calls just to find the proper response.  Some examples of how software is used to ensure success in sales campaigns may be found at

When the call is connected the telemarketer can use prepared campaign scripts to counter most foreseeable objections from a prospective client.  If there are available pieces of information about a client, these are used to increase the chance of catching his attention and ultimately closing a sale.  While some seasoned telemarketers can deduce a lot of information from the client’s voice and tone, bits of data already in the system should not be ignored.  Young people are interested in popular music, new movies, and whatever else is in vogue. People who have started families would be interested in discussing parenting.  Athletic people love sports.  And telemarketers should be prepared to delve into any subject the client is interested in so he can get a foot in the door.

With so many competing brands of telemarketing software available, call centers are spoilt for choice.  Progressive companies, especially those who have joined industry organizations such as the British Columbia Contact Center Association, are always testing the latest software.  They want to ensure that their agents have the best chance to launch a successful sales campaign.